Beauty Of Strategy Board Games

History of strategy games

Strategy games have been known to exist from around 5000 years ago with games such as Mancala. However, this is not our main area of focus today, lets us take time and appreciate strategy board games.

We live in a world where every small child grows up while being bought a Play Station and playing a variety of online games, such as Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto just but to mention but a few. Despite all this, let’s all take a minute and think about games that basically can be done in real life. We all know small children can’t really race and ‘fly’ cars or drive around while being chased by police officers. Let’s therefore find out more about these games.

Strategy board games

There are many strategy board games, just to mention but a few, there is,

  • Risk
  • Chess
  • Axis and Allies
  • Scrabble
  • Dominion
  • Diplomacy
  • Settlers of Catan

The main aim of this games are that they are to be fun, social and a very inexpensive way of entertaining yourself. Apart from this, they have an enthralling aspect of involving well thought out tactics and decision making. They also involve a very high aspect of being very aware of your situation and finding out a way of how to work around it.

These games are such a good way of teaching a young child how to think and act like a strategist since through out the game, they have a full-time brain work out trying to figure out a plan that will outsmart that of their opponent unlike many other online games which basically involve the child trying to find a way to ‘kill’ or ‘crash’ their partner. The games work in a beautiful and exciting way to test both the players’ intelligence.

These games also serve to quell the very high thirst in every human being for competition. The game entails thinking of a strategy, organizing it and executing it in a way that will make you win the round.

Be it a card game, a map game, a block game, a word game or a game with pawns, all strategy board games leave both players addicted and having an endless urge to defeat the other. Another interesting fact about them is that, the games can work for a very large span of ages. We have all most probably heard of children as young as 5 years old and people as old as 90 years old playing games such as chess. These games run through the many ages and can still be enjoyed as the child grows older.

With our recently digital world, one would wonder, but why would I buy a chess board or a scrabble board? Your question is answered since the games have been adapted and there are computer and even phone games for strategy board games where you play against a computer and try to outsmart it.

All in all, let us focus on such goal-oriented games and try playing and enjoying strategy board games.